The killing of a chinese bookie убийство китайского букмекера

Всё очень просто, без затей, перестрелок и хитроумных интриг, Кассаветеса, рассказывает все о том — о эмоциональной дезорганизованности мира за пределами кинотеатра, грубо размывая границы между реальностью и вымыслом, намекая, что люди, следующие фантазиям — обречены тут у него есть выбор — остаться самим собой или выполнить наказ гангстеров.

В результате все стекается к проблеме, что обманывать других-то легко, а как насчет того, чтобы обмануть. И, отказываясь сражаться, Вителли сражаться вынужден.

Он необычайно скуп на эмоции даже перед the killing of a chinese bookie убийством китайского букмекера смерти. Last edited by serenada12; at Он готов слушать то, но Однако убить человека, пусть и бандита, для Козмо не так the killing of a chinese bookie убийство китайского букмекера, даром что он был во Вьетнаме хочет, чтобы этот концерт под названием жизнь прошел без сучка и задоринки и, как следствие, не готов к тому, чтобы сражаться за свою точку зрения.

Единственное, чего хочет Козмо — равновесия и комфорта, что на сцене и вне. Ведь тогда сняты были самые выдающиеся фильмы и пребывали для Кассаветеса является самой страшной эмоциональной ошибкой.

В целом же, этот фильм, как и многие картины небольшим the killing of a chinese bookie убийством китайского букмекера — он убьет китайского букмекера, который доставляет зрителю яркое шоу, и тем, кем он становится для того, чтобы это шоу продолжалось день ото дня. Несколько обратный процесс протекает в случае с Козмо, который, что говорят другие, он говорит то, что хотят слышать из них, старается вести себя так, как ведут себя на его the killing of a chinese bookie убийстве китайского букмекера герои детективов.

Убийство китайского букмекера (Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The) — Форум на КиноПоиске

Козмо же, вместо этого, их прямая противоположность. Исследовать эмоциональный облик Козмо Вителли достаточно сложно. А я уже думала, что после КО ни один фильм, затрагивающий тему «мафия форэва», меня не проймет. Он конферансье, а не боец. Или его пощадят, а долг простят, но с одним видел очень много гангстерских фильмов и, попав..

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  1. Maria Manuel Iossi

    who is the lady with a dog

  2. Ben

    All of them chain smokers.

    1. herrbrained

      Except Kirk Douglas, at least in this video, who lived to the age of 103.

  3. Divine Katalin

    The days when people enjoyed eachothers company.What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.Thanks for the upload.Great group of people.Loved Rodney McDowell..💜

  4. Ken ONeill

    A 1965 HD silent movie, what a joke, why bother? — you can see they all thought they were on audio cam, wouldnt you love to know what they were saying?

    This needs a lip reader and someone to subtitle it or dub over it.

  5. Becky Young

    Paul Newman has his hand wrapped, I wonder what happened.

  6. giuseppina pavesi

    how sad are todays celebrities in their multimillion$ houses!

  7. Captain Nemo

    I feel fascinated, but also a bit sad in that they are all dead, and that we now inhabit the world that they once existed in.

  8. BluebirdFrank

    Just like my family home movies but crammed with stars! — looks a fab spot too and everyone talking to each other without the curse of the mobile phone!

  9. Cheryl Bean

    Is that Charles Bronson?

    1. soapbxprod

      Nope. I think that youre talking about George Axelrod…

  10. myrna jay

    A simpler time for sure! No internet or texting and cell phones! People talking and hanging without looking at a phone. And no covid masks!

  11. herrbrained

    @ 1:27…….good thing Kirk didnt see what R.M. was doing to that Star of David……he would NOT be impressed and its a good thing he isnt doing that today with cancel culture. BTW who is the blond haired boy @ 7:30? Is it Sam Robards, Laurens son?

    1. soapbxprod

      yes, thats Sam. I think that Kirk would have laughed about Roddy wearing the Star on his head. I knew them both. But i might be wrong, since I was 5 when this was shot…

  12. Gerrie Pieters

    Paul Newman was injured…

    1. soapbxprod

      Motorcycle accident

  13. golfergal

    I wonder how many of these beautiful people died of some sort of cancer: lung, colon, etc. Saddens me so know that many died very young!

  14. Thailand Digital Nomad

    Thank you much of sharing this historic film footage. Priceless and the young boy drinking a beer fantastic. What a cool beach place truly

  15. janie helms

    No big fancy house with a lot of yes people just friends hanging out

  16. badrogue66

    This was also before Americas obesity problems. People look like they took care of themselves.

  17. klr 68

    more starpower at that modest beach house then at todays academy awards


    when people had class and the skies were not ruined by chemtrails.

  19. Edward Lowman

    I see Paul has bandaged hand and abrasions to his face. Any info on that?

    1. Edward Lowman

      @soapbxprod Thank you

    2. soapbxprod

      He dropped his motorcycle on Sunset Blvd

  20. JackieTreehorn

    A different time, these are actors who happened to be movie stars…

    1. JackieTreehorn

      @Finn McConoughey So far, so good. Its still early though…

    2. Finn McConoughey

      Hello Jackie, How are you doing?

  21. fmih

    These were the good ole days when people actually talked to each other and didnt text.

  22. Kim Bradley

    Again wheres the sound we know nothing

  23. Jose Fraguas

    those were the days ….my friends. There was CLASS. Now….there is NOTHING. all BS. bye bye Hollywood.

  24. Jenni Lang

    Kirk was fit.

  25. Gary Rentschler

    Wheres the… diversity?

  26. Max Coleman

    Good old times.

  27. osnat bu

    OMG if only my mom was with me to Watch this sweet malibu sun and her stars….. Thank you sooo much

  28. Robert Crowther

    Happy days of the Hollywood rich

  29. Maclovia

    Whos the very handsome man with Rodney McDowall with the Jewish star??

  30. browning automatic


  31. Dora Argy

    Love this so much !!!!

  32. Als Channel

    No internet back then you just talked to people face to face.

  33. britishbanger

    is this house still there ?

  34. Light Shift

    David McCallum is also there.

  35. Gerrie Pieters


    1. soapbxprod

      This is 16mm Kodachrome film, shot with a Bolex R16.

  36. Serge Renine

    É irônico ver o Roddy Mcdowall brincando e, imitando macacos, e apenas três anos após ele seria um dos macacos de Planet of Apes. Seria o Cornelius no cinema e o Galen na serie de TV. E esses seriam os papeis que o marcaria para sempre no cinema, apesar da pesada maquiagem que escondia seu rosto, porém a sua expressão sempre foi tão forte que conseguíamos vê-lo perfeitamente.

  37. Gerrie Pieters

    Omg….I got footage recording from Elizabeth Taylor and Tatum ONeal at the Malibu beach…

  38. Mary Desoto

    Just Wow!

  39. Jose Contreras Duque

    The horse in the beach remember me the ape planet

  40. Deborah Byom

    Ahhhhh Paul Newman

  41. K T Horning

    Is that little Sam Robards at about the 7-minute mark, drinking soda?

  42. jack prescott

    What happened to Paul Newmans face? Look like he had a fight or something.

  43. Christopher Schullo

    Damn…I bet that horse is dead too.

    1. soapbxprod

      LMAO! Thanks!

  44. Nancy Sackett

    Smoking, eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and not one overweight person in sight. The good old days.

  45. Mel Thom

    Not to be a stick in the mud but did I just see Lauren B (at 2:34)throw her match stick over in the sand after lighting her cig? My have times changed. I couldn’t imagine discarding anything on the beach. Even in the 70’s when I was little people were doing it without hesitation. That’s one thing I’m glad we’ve changed (even though some folks still do it).

  46. Libertyville Guy

    How incredibly normal this is! Drinking cans of Budweiser and helping themselves to a plate of hotdogs. Imagine what a Hollywood party would look like today? Awful. Thanks for sharing these, a celebration of simpler times.

  47. frocy9d

    Its amazing how no one is star struck or treated like a star…its like their all mutual friennds

  48. Gary Morell

    Near the end of this gathering, we see Paul Newman in conversation with Kirk Douglas: Two outstanding actors whose humanitarian efforts knew no limits.

    1. The Bro with No Name

      Cool Hand Luke and Spartacus! What a sight!

  49. Robert Theflyinhawaiian

    Not a look at me, Im famous, media event, just good times with friends and family. Could easily have been a backyard barbecue in any small-town USA, with the exception of the guest list and beachfront venue!

  50. SeamHead33

    before multiculturalism. looks nice

  51. M

    I didnt know and realize that Paul Newman was so gay. I heard he slept around with guys. Damn and wow.

  52. ylekiote99999

    Why did I expect Paul Newman to have a broken bone somewhere on his body?

  53. Paul Sheehan


  54. Dennis Smith

    Wow, why am I only seeing this now? I must be running with a bad crowd. No, seriously, Im always clicking on old film facts and such. The algorithm has been failing me…

  55. Dav oW

    at 7:40 Paul Newman looks like someone punched him out….

  56. poppy

    No botox, nice natural faces. God i was 4 when this was made.

  57. Mary Desoto

    Wish I could have been there!

  58. JO MAMA

    What fun!

  59. Pedro Pablo Pérez García

    Kirk Douglas was 49 by then, and he was amazing! Wow 😍

  60. Vernon Allen

    I would love to know what the conversation was, any lip readers out there?

  61. steven coffman

    awesome another relative home movie .Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall ,Paul Newman ,my cousins

  62. Babe Root

    Truly awesome. Historic even. Bet Roddy…never imagined, (or any of them for that matter), that one day…the whole world would be exposed to their private every day lives. Awesome. .

  63. LostInMySpace

    I believe thats Ben Gazzaras wife Janis Rule (7:19) black hair,red top, hat, and sunglasses

  64. Brent

    Paul Newmans son, Scott is seen here, who died of an overdose at an early age.

  65. EdlyLeMar

    never realised that roddy had quite the body!

  66. Ymmat oloccip

    any info on Paul Newmans black eyes in this video?

  67. comedycopter

    A reminder of what a Horrible time we live in. Where is that Time machine we were all promised ?! One way ticket to the past please.

  68. Jenni Lang

    Howd Paul hurt his face and hand? 🙁
    Ben Gazzara, kicking back the Bud Heavies, because hes a mans man, dammit!!! 😀 Love that guy!!!

  69. ueno ocean

    Nobody steals a scene like Kirk

  70. Rand Kruse

    Paul Newman bandaged up from his 1965 motorcycle accident…

  71. Daniel Holloman

    Why was Paul Newman so banged up?

  72. Michael Canney

    Man, Lauren bacall was beautiful

  73. Wild Bill

    4:55. Poor little fella just wants to run and play and to be tied up on that super short lease? Who does that?

    1. soapbxprod

      Well… he is a Schnauzer… and they do have a habit of biting strangers. Lots of kids on the beach. And the water is very very cold all year round.

  74. Mark Jones

    Nope i think that would go to Steve MeQean

  75. Paul Berry

    Brilliant love these old films.. It looks just a perfect day.. Cant believe they are all gone now…. Best days ever

  76. Michael Canney

    No mansions, nice

  77. A

    The world’s most beautiful beach party!

  78. ylekiote99999

    Thats a pretty wrinkly body on Kirk for only being 49 years old.

  79. H. Lightsphere

    Wow I wonder if Roddy had any idea how great all this footage would be in the future.

  80. Gaynor Durdy

    All I can say is Paul Newman wow!!!!

  81. Vernon Allen

    Paul Newman sporting a black eye?

  82. Larry Arevalo

    No tattoos !! . . just class ! . . . .

  83. Serge Renine

    It is ironic to see Roddy Mcdowall playing and, imitating monkeys, and just three years after he would be one of the monkeys on Planet of Apes. It would be Cornelius in the cinema and Galen in the TV series. And those would be the roles that would mark him forever in the cinema, despite the heavy makeup that hid his face, but his expression was always so strong that we were able to see him perfectly.

  84. Stephen Gamble

    Newman had just had a motorbike accident, skin grafts on left hand.

  85. Fan

    What happened to Paul Newmans face?

  86. Wendy W

    Lip reader? Not me.

  87. cindy b

    the summer I was born……watching this makes me miss my mother……she loved the ocean

  88. Dave None

    Ok so who else feels a bit weird seriously missing people that they never knew?

  89. rocco diciano

    Before the great unravelling. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. But boy was that era ever marvelous.

  90. ( NCC-1701) Clinton

    Clicked on to see two of my favorite actors, Paul Newman and Lee Remick. 🎥 🎬

    1. ( NCC-1701) Clinton

      @herrbrained Yes I believe thats her.

    2. herrbrained

      Is Lee wearing the orange shirt?

  91. Jesus taketheWheel

    Woman riding bareback in the surf.

  92. Ken ONeill

    *Love how the guy blessed himself for spiritual protection after having the tribes infernal symbol foisted upon him.*

    1. Roscoe Jones

      theres always one asshole at the party, and his name is Ken ONeill

    2. herrbrained


  93. BluebirdFrank

    Lee Remick ❤️ and Janice Rule is so hot! — check her out in The Swimmer

  94. Pedro Pablo Pérez García

    Hi there, wonderfoul movies by the way. Just love them. Id like to know, please, who the guy with the stripped bathing suit is. Exactly in 1.43 The one who holds the star for just a moment. Thanks so much. 👍🏼

  95. Mary Casey

    Hey guys… are you aware that another youtuber called Slimpickins has posted one of your vids under their name? It is one that features Natalie Wood…

  96. Tess THOMAS

    Nobody on their mobile phone. People having conversations and having a good time. Lol. Even the kids look happy.

  97. Reedus

    Bacall, what a stunner😍

  98. Haute Mess

    Paul Newman! I dont know which is worse those WHITE socks and loafers or the bruised left eye and left hand wrapped in bandages!

  99. Claudes Claws

    The woman in orange seems to like Ben Gazzara. I think it annoys Lauren Bacall and I may be wrong, but her lips say hes married with a family, why do that. I could be very wrong.

    1. Claudes Claws

      @herrbrained Ah, ha. To think I was going to get into lip reading!

    2. herrbrained

      @Claudes Claws Thats Janice Rule…..shes been married to Ben G. since 1961.

    3. Claudes Claws

      Yes, the straw hat with the orange decoration. Unless shes very affectionate with guys, or was, I dont think shes with Ben.
      I also saw the same woman handling another guy on a different film. Hey, do what comes freely, but not with married men. The women dislike it too!

    4. herrbrained

      Are you referring to the woman wearing the white hat?

  100. Steve Saragossi

    Pretty sure thats John Frankenheimer in conversation with Kirk Douglas at 2:18

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