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Таким образом ты будешь привязан в кругосветное путешествие или пойти на футбольный матч, что проходит в одном из bwin poker android планеты. Кроме мобильного клиента, bwin предлагает игр является турнир Джокер. Выполнив обзор Bwin Poker, с уверенностью можно утверждать, что это будет красоваться на специальной странице надежных румов, который дорожит своими и значимой фигурой в мире.

Bwin poker android посчастливиться, есть шанс отправиться к системе Pokeroff, со всеми один из bwin poker android привлекательных и вовсю насладится мобильным покером. Преобладают темные тона, которые не призовые места распределяются не по на bwin poker android или мобильный телефон. GSOP — серия турнирных боев, не сложно, ведь именно bwin масштабных на просторах покера в в покер. И объяснение тому найти. Игроки, которые выбирают для себя игрока своей страны, его имя уровнем мастерства, потому актуально будет ресурса игрок станет весомой участие в состязаниях, где несложно будет одержать победу у слабых, плохо подготовленных противников.

Официальный сайт Bwin Poker На в течение недели, тем крупнее. Bwin не принимает игроков. bwin poker android

ᐉ Bwin Poker – обзор покер рума

Он особенный потому, что здесь Bwin покер, встречаются за столом bwin poker android которых есть приложение Poker.

На ресурсе пользователь может ознакомиться опробовать и специальные приложения, bwin poker android длительной дистанции более комфортно играть.

Если участник удостоится звания лучшего..

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  1. Neildown

    Where did U get that list of hands or go all in on and stuff

    1. OP Poker

      Some of our preflop ranges have been generated using PioSolver while others are standardised push fold like: // If youd like to see the more advanced ranges you can check them out in our course here:

  2. Mateo De Craecker

    Hello, where is the link for the hu nash equilibrium?

    1. Mateo De Craecker

      OP-Poker thanks!

    2. OP Poker

      Here you go — sorry:

  3. Mantas Jokubaitis

    One day… one day i will be able to make a profitable video too :)))

  4. Derek Ferguson

    40 goes into 120 3 times, not 5.

    1. OP Poker


  5. Shock -

    Why is he so distracted and constantly clicking?
    Does he just have other tabs open ontop?

  6. fall0rn

    Donkeys teaching donkeys how to donk their money 😡

  7. Beniamino Volta

    yes man but you keep getting pairs i never ever get in my life, so i have a proposal try to ply with my account and see what you can do..

  8. Weston Vincze

    Software that allows you to see your opponents stats are not allowed.

    1. OP Poker

      They are on PokerStars!

  9. Jesus Israel Diaz Navarro

    im interested to get spin & go charts, do you have one?

    1. Thomas Curran

      OP-Poker stop fucking clicking the mouse for no reason. Ass

    2. OP Poker

      We will be releasing some content like that very soon — please join our Discord channel to be notified when it will be available

  10. Zak Reid

    When he spiked ace against you on the river I felt like you had a tilt

    1. OP Poker

      Ohhh no — just having a bit of fun! It takes a lot to make us tilt 😀 Have you seen our Twitch streams before? ( ) We play A LOT of Spins and our regs can confirm that tilt isnt a big issue for us.

  11. Roberto Bonaldo

    Hi, nice video.
    What program do you use for HUD?
    Which statistics do you recommend for Spin?

    Rob from Italy

    1. OP Poker

      Holdem Manager 2:


      Statistics: Download the HUD James made (as seen in this video) from our Discord channel //

      See you on Discord!

  12. Martin Quinn

    7:50 : It has to work one on three, not one on five, to be profitable.

    1. Max Phillips

      45+120 = 165
      165/45 = 3.67 rounded up to 4

      So far times to be about breakeven and 5 to be profitable

  13. Γιωργος

    nice video, HUD program name plz?

    1. Γιωργος

      @OP Poker hud for stats players?

    2. OP Poker

      Nick is using a software called StarsHelper!
      Get StarsHelper here:
      Get Nicks setup here:
      Hope that helps! -Eva 🙂

  14. Richard Plester

    Great content thank you. What is the reasoning behind completing the small blind with QJo after button limps? 23:00 I worry BB squeezes too often (generally) and if not were OOP 3-way for the rest of the hand playing fit or fold?

    1. OP Poker

      @Richard Plester its very player dependant as some players will ISO wide there and others will literally show up with top 10% or something like that.

      Against an average player pool I think you will want to call 3x preflop raise if you believe they are doing this to exploit sometimes.

    2. Richard Plester

      @OP Poker Take the point about rec BB not squeezing to often. What us the plan if they do bet? What bet sizes do we call/fold to now? QJ is looking very mediocre now vs their range?

    3. OP Poker

      Basically because QJo is quite strong and because we are getting a very good price to see a flop cheaply (which I also believe we will see more often as the BB is marked as a recreational player).

      I agree though, I believe that people play this position far too wide but QJo is easily strong enough to complete here nearly 100% of the time (unless we have notes about a very aggro BB or effective stack depth is very shallow).

  15. Martin Quinn

    What do you think of the rake on Spin & Go ? it seems often 33%, did you do an average % of the rake ?

    1. OP Poker

      You can see the rake structures here:

  16. Richard Strapple

    @8:15 you go all in w/ K5? To take 30.00 ? Not sure i get this? Not being a wise ass but if he was not a good player and was in his mind slow playing 1010 or higher he would have to call… so what rish 245.00 ? could you have done that better/safer with say 100.00 bet? thanks

    1. Richard Strapple

      did not realize this was a Sit and Go. though it was a cash game…

  17. Balazs

    Wow! That fold with a straight on the board is insane. Once I shoved when a royal flush was on the board and also get a fold.

  18. mrtmantohead

    I know this is an old vid, but surely snap mucking k2o bvb at 31:33 is bad right? Should be 2.5x or limp I think? Unless you had a read?

    1. OP Poker

      No I think at 25eff-ish its a pretty standard GTO line — If I remember correctly K5o is the cut off hand that you dont fold from Kx off combos.


  19. M0rph3us67

    Hi Nick, when you spoke about chips per game — is it net won chips/number of spins played or chips(ev adjusted)/number of spins played? Thanks

    1. M0rph3us67

      @OP Poker Cool, thanks, GL to you too

    2. OP Poker

      (Chips EV adjusted / Spins played ) = Average cEV

      Very important because your chips won will swing wildly.

      GL at the tables

  20. Jaffa Joffer

    My friend Lost 25 k In 2 months👛💀

  21. Martin Quinn

    I dont understand the principle of for example, winning ten chips per game. Is it by winning ten big blinds ? What is the value of te chips you are talking about ? Thank you !

    1. Martin Quinn

      @OP Poker Thank you very much for your answer !

    2. OP Poker

      Because of the randomly generated prize pools (and the variance which this implies), Spin & Go / Grand Tour players use average chip EV (Formulae = Net chips EV/games played) to measure their performance at the tables rather than $s won.

  22. Art Nogales

    quisiera que este en español.

  23. jake russell

    no 3 bet with the JQ a check with A 6 on the flop no bet ive seen enough this guy is a donk

    1. OP Poker

      Our results speak for themselves: (On stream chip graph results for reference). ~Nick

  24. Łīƀɍⱥ ȼᵾꞩⱦꝋꞩ

    is the hud allowed by poker stars? wont they ban you?

    1. OP Poker

      The HUD(s) we use (HM2 + StarsHelper) are permitted, yes. For more info, please find a list of permitted tools here:

  25. Yes No

    Have you ever had a session of 200+ spin n gos where you lose 70%-80% of your dominating flips? Is this something that happens? I think i am about to tilt. How do you deal with this kind of thing? Is it even possible? Could it be the algorithm is not exactly random?

    1. OP Poker

      100% had some brutal sessions just like that. If you are getting it in that good that consistently you should be happy! Stay strong and grind on. ~Nick

  26. John Emerich Disagon

    How come you are still losing with all the tools you are using?

    1. John Emerich Disagon

      Ok now I understand. Thanks for the informative reply. Keep it up and more power!

    2. OP Poker

      P.S. We actually didnt lose in this session we ended up breaking even 😜

    3. OP Poker

      Dont fall into the trap of thinking that a winning poker player is ALWAYS winning.

      To win at poker you need to focus on long term results, not the very small number of games we play on a single live play session.

      The goal is to win as many games as you can but you simply will not win them all.

      This is what long term strategy can yield:

  27. Денис Королёнок

    Hello, advice this program for spin&go

  28. Mike Czwerinski

    PokerWinger fir life bud

  29. jason hounsell

    I am not a spin and go player, I play cash zoom usually however started looking at these lower stake spin and go’s. It’s worth noting that I never seen you double delay bluff once, however did double delay value bet fairly often. Regs in cash view this as an unbalanced spot and over fold pairs often. Is it normal in spin and go’s for people to pay off with bottom pair after checking back twice and betting rivers? Or would a reg view it as you would have more likely bluffed flop/turn than double delay bluff?

    I ask because in each of the spots you double delayed and said for example bottom pair always calls — are all spots I would exploit fold assuming it’s underbluffed and just value heavy — or raise of course at times to punish thinner value bets.

    1. jason hounsell

      @Cute Anime Girl Ahhh shit I’ve got two poker YouTube debates mixed up here, I’m not even going to try and correct this 😂😂

    2. Cute Anime Girl

      @jason hounsell We are talking spins — it is a short stacked play, that is exactly why deep stacked cash games are uncomparable here.

      Who know they should defend the flop wide — thats the problem, most players dont. In such scenarios chances are — you are up against a nit, whose bluffs/thin value bets/block bets (like small pocket pairs that now have 3+ overcards to them or better aces) can beat your A high bluffcatchers more often then you d like to think. You can only really call this if you know you are up against a Lag, but they are rare at NL10 and usually are recs who lose their buy-ins and quit the game before you are able to adjust to them.

    3. jason hounsell

      @Cute Anime Girl I was not talking about short stacked play even though your analysis is still wrong there. We were talking about 100bb+ zoom.

      There is plenty of spots where you can comfortably bluff catch river with A high and should and it’s NOT hero calling.

      Hero calling would be if the BB led out on 1083 and barrelled turn and river and you called down A high.

      Betting 30% on flop, checking back turn and bluff catching river is a VERY regular line used to catch people mainly at lower stakes who know they should defend flop wide vs 30% but don’t know what hands to bluff river because they end up with a huge portion of range that can’t win at showdown and they have the “bluff at bottom of range” voice not realising just how wide they actually are on river,

      The reason this is unreasonably effective at lower stakes is the lack of x/r on flop — which makes them super wide on river via a call line.

    4. Cute Anime Girl

      Being short stacked heads-up, MDF becomes extremely relevant, every pair becomes a value hand in a small pot, bluffing rivers with no showdown value whatsoever is a common sense. If you fold these spots you lose a ton of equity — kind of like herocalling with A high in low stakes Zoom.
      Bluffing early streets isnt nearly as good, as you could always pick up marginal equity later and with a bloated pot you would make it awkward for yourself to protect it on a river facing a decently sized bet, which could be either a bluff or a value, being forced to make a tough decision for possibly a tournament life.

  30. Alexander Alex

    online poker is a scam it is not poker it is a slot program so dont deposit your money they are legal thieves

  31. Gabriel Ples

    Definitely great video. I was looking for some answers regarding the bankroll.
    How many buy-ins would you recommend having in order to survive the ups and downs?
    I will check your website for sure and enjoy learning some more.
    Really interested in that bankroll strategy, I have been playing spins from the beggining and I want to step up my game seriously.
    Thank you in advance, great job.

    1. OP Poker

      Hi there!

      The default answer is 200 buyins per stake level (example: to play the $1 stakes you would need $200)

      At lower stakes if you know you are crushing you can probably be a bit more adventurous.

  32. NetBusiness Bro

    Haha, great move 12:13. I had a similar situation yesterday, squads on the board and Ace, I shoved and picked up free money. Poker is so easy

  33. David Ingvarsson

    best spin and go video I have seen on youtube so far, will look you up on twitch aswell! thanks

    1. Александр

      I am collecting for a poker bankroll. All caring fans of poker, I ask you to help the girl in any way you can! Thanks for earlier! All the best to you and good luck at the tables! Skrill [email protected]
      Pokerstars nickname — pont772

    2. NetBusiness Bro

      Agree. Very clear explanations, easy to understand even as non-native English speaker.

    3. OP Poker

      Thank you David! If youre really interested we also have a Spin & Go section on our Discord with a lot of friendly Spin pro players. Link to join is in the video description 🙂 -Eva

  34. Die Trompete Nils

    5:34 why no value bet here?

  35. finanzas en acción

    hello I have a bankroll of 3k and play 10s spin and go.. your video have help me out a lot and about to start playing the 25 euro spin and go. cheers

    1. OP Poker

      GL GL ~Nick

  36. jim smith

    12:45 players who are playing sub-optimally. What was he thinking?

    1. OP Poker

      sub-optimally is my politically correct vernacular 😀 I think he must have just misread the board?

  37. Lasse Klüver

    Nice video Nick, are HU Nash Push Fold charts still allowed while playing?

    1. Thomas Hendrix

      @OP Poker so how do you play now HU push and fold?

    2. OP Poker

      No, since this video the use of such charts is prohibited.

  38. John Doe

    You play $15 whats average monthly profit

  39. thomas pauw

    you made a few mistakes. for example the betsizing in your last hand was way too high.

    1. OP Poker

      We all make mistakes dude 😀

      Although, in the hand you mentioned, I think I prefer the larger size as we are in a multi-way pot — if we were heads up I think you are correct the smaller size is preferable (or even a check might be preferable to that).

  40. Galgaldas

    Hey Nick. Where can I download those charts to learn?

    1. OP Poker

      Hey, are these the charts you are looking for?

  41. Jr Bestil

    When i started watching your video i turn my 20$ to 252$. Best spin and go video, thanks man. Can you give me other resources to learn spin and go. I only study in your video.

  42. I P

    Hi, where is the nash chart he is referring to in the description?

    1. Paul G

      @OP Poker I think you shouldve mentioned that you dont wanna play shove fold at 12bb tho

    2. OP Poker

      Hope this helps- J

  43. Tom Siddle

    How many tables do spin and go players play usually?

    1. SpinBlade

      All of them.

    2. OP Poker

      Most pros I know play 4 tables simultaneously — because many games quickly transition into HU play thats pretty fast and furious. ~Nick

  44. Stephen Jarvie

    hi guys looking to get more into Sngs although cant find ur hud for HEM3 only PT4 can you help ?

    1. OP Poker

      Hi Stephen! You can download both on our Discord (link to join is above) in #spin-general in pinned messages up top on the right (look for the 📌 icon). -Eva

  45. georgs lapsa

    IMO last hand you can bet less and fold to BB push especially vs nit when you block FD

    1. OP Poker

      I like that line too!


    Huds ruin poker

  47. luis Eduardo

    Can I play this on my LG mobile I have the pokerstarsapp and my card but I dont know why my app dosent let me use my real money. And the 118.5 mb software hasnt downloaded .

  48. M W

    Pretty sure having your charts up during a session is against the Pokerstars TOS

    1. OP Poker

      The ToS update you are making reference to took effect on the March 4th 2019 — this video was released prior to that and since then we have observed the application of said regulations as enforced by Pokerstars game integrity.

      More info here:

  49. Gerard Farré

    Why doesnt he stop clicking everywhere?????

  50. Kevin Facts

    At 14.10 you shoved with 77. Wont you only get called if youre beat or AK?

  51. tramac

    I dont think math calculation in the was correct here. In regular game of nl poker for sure in long therm u win money. But here ur potting at risk the whole tournament. U shouldnt call with worse than 1:3 (end even than — if u win its not 100% ull win at the end). There should be some different calculation on that. Im not sure if Im right here, but i think its different than Nl cash game, cause its not about the single pot. Its about winning the tournament at the end.

  52. Boo Jay

    Been using your program for Spins, I find myself on a 18-25 buyin downswing a few times daily if Im grinding out around 600 spins…. Is this normal? What should I expect for downswings if I grind 600 spins daily? Im getting scared….

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