Bet365 ios 8

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  1. Velizar Ventsislavov

    Супер, благодарско !! 😊

  2. Atley Dohmen

    I like apple because its easy to use and cause I like apple for what they have.  Simple as that.  There android users, you all say its America.  Then why are u bashing on people that have their freedom of choice when they live in America.  Shut up and let people have their own choice and if its a bad decision then let them figure it out not, some guy who hates Apple and wants to sit on youtube and bash on people that just likes someone as simple as Apple.

  3. Ace Wizzy

    I love how people chirp each other about their phones.. Like if we want an iPhone we will get an iPhone. If we want an android we will buy one. Its all personal preference. Personally I could give two shits about the camera or how many gigs of ram it has? Apple products are user friendly and thats why I love them.

  4. Lily Dalbkce

    They havent fixed the shitty calendar that pisses me off every time I try to check my schedule yet. 

  5. Fabiola Luna

    Everything seems cool, but, I have heard that it takes 1 gigabyte away 🙁

  6. Ocean Water

    So locking pictures and messages feature was all bullshit?

    1. Daryn Herman

      I THINK 🙁 I was excited for it!

  7. iDeviceAssist

    Great video bro!!

  8. filitico

    people fighting about phones is basically nerd penis envy.

  9. Jourdan Easley

    love how android users only pay attention to the specs of Apple. but Android has gotten so jealous of apple that their copying apples ideas. since android users have a faster core and 3 gbs of ram why does the iPhone still manage to be just as fast?😂😴

  10. Veronica

    Im so cool I dont own an iphone but spend all my time coming to iphone videos to tell iphone users how stupid they are!
    Yeah… But we arent the ones who are super concerned with what kinds of phones people have. We want what we want, but you android users feel the need to belittle anyone who chooses differently than you.
    Damn, you really like conformity dont you? Funny because thats the same argument you try to use against us.

  11. annooz patrick

    iphone is so stupid. ihave one reason because of it i can not swithch to android or windows =(. the main app ,that i use it devolop it for app store. even i contact the developer company  about this , the y promise will develop for android =(. so i deside to learn java to develop a same app function just to switch to a nother ios system. so ex pencive divace so stupid one way work 

  12. azlil7

    Should I lose my jailbreak for this ?

    1. Daryn Herman

      Depends on what device you have… On my iPhone 4s it sucks. It might be okay on iPods… But to get all features I think 5s and up would be best. Idk about iPads.

  13. MuteCrimson

    the only thing i hate about ios 8 is that they took away the camera roll! seriously what were they thinking?

  14. MultiGamerz101

    omg that accent!!!

  15. FIFA ... 〈3

    както те видях разбрах , че си българин 🙂 :д

  16. vag4l vevo

    apple is better than the dumb ass samsung stupid big phone
    no body want a phone tablet like galaxy those phone look like a tablet hahahah

  17. Chaotics World

    You can just jailbreak ios7 to get these things you not slick apple

  18. ASAPray

    .. wow fucking retards gonna still buy this shit lol galaxy phones are getting so fucking common now.. I wonder why

    1. Im the Real One.

      @The Feds F.I.B… you dont say? You work with the N.O.O.S.E? Lol

    2. The Feds


    3. The Feds

      @sofad3d Yep, a nineteen year old with the brain capacity of a nine year old. Got it.

    4. ASAPray

      who cares man. damn your hating on abbreviations for words now.. what the fuck lmao chill what are you The Feds. nd nope about to be 19 .. understand officer??

    5. The Feds

      What are you, nine? Learn to type like an intelligent human being.

  19. Vixen Originals

    bro you talk like a robot

  20. M H

    Ios8 waste of my time

  21. Princeton on the beat Production

    Lol @ iphone 4 users

  22. Macho Davis

    Im not the type to argue over what company people should give their money to, but I will say this, IPhones are tough as nails WITHOUT the case. If Im buying a smartphone I want one that can withstand the most damage.

  23. Julian Auri

    did ios8 mess with anyones music app on the iphone 5s if i go to artist then an unkown album of that artist itll show the same songs on another artist unkown album did anything like this happen to anyone if so plz respond i wanna know if it happend to other people or if its just my phone or just a update problem even if you dont have a iphone 5s if this happend to any apple prouducts you have plz let me know i wanna know if its my phones fault or the update because it didint happen untill i updated and i wanna know if its just me because i cant find anything of this online when i tried searching it before

  24. Meeka Ghaley

    IOS 8 Sucks

  25. Filip Zacek

    Is it just me or is iOS becoming more complicated and harder to use that Android?…

  26. Phrea Spirit

    Wow, your arms are hairy. But its ok since you have Peter Parker in your phonebook

  27. Dan

    Is there a way to get the update for way less storage

    1. Daryn Herman

      Apparently if you plug your phone into your computer and update it from there.

  28. Anubas Singo

    True,  iphone isnt exactly at the head of the market as far as the components put together that make up the device, yet i have used a samsung galaxy s3 running jelly-bean and what i seem not like about the interface is its almost childish, all too playful look. As for the functionality of the device it was fluid, yes… but highly unstable with a minimum of 3 crashes in 5 months (which is a lot for an all purpose device that could work as a business companion). What android users dont get is that in 2014 refreshing your device every time it doesnt respond or is acting up is rather too windows, which is to say too 1999. its a pity i have to pay more for an apple device but the release of a new device doesnt compel me to upgrade (as the software does cover up for much).
    i also dont like the fact that android devices dont come out of the box with the user ability that  allow me to use my device for arbitrary stuff before i log on to the play store.
    in conclusion apple over anything else for brand quality!!!  

  29. Gerardo Salas

    Why does the background looks so crappy in spotlight at 3:11? Is this normal?

  30. monkeh88

    im happy with the iPhone 4S white 😀

  31. 4evertashie

    I have both iPhone and note 3. Note is my primary phone, iPhone is just a play phone but I like both. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of iPhone. But android does offer more

  32. Kimberly Cruz

    I hate iOS8!!!! I Wish i Had never of got it!!

  33. Samucarsanti

    Un ingles machacado

  34. amateurgamer108

    Why are animations So slow after you press home button?

  35. Edward Hernandez

    Whats the point of arguing about which phone is better almost everybody uses their phone for the same thing, social media and games.

  36. ben douglass

    Apple users are getting destroyed in the comments.

  37. gracie

    Should I get IOS 8 for my iPad?

  38. Adam Katav

    Bottom line: Nexus 4 with almost android 4.0

  39. Тъпак Немам

    you are Bulgarian 🙂

  40. King4Kingz

    I love my note 3. I can do so much
    With widgets and even create my own widgets. I love my iphone 5. But I cant just go on with the not having widgets and shortcuts to apps such as app Swapps where all I have to do is swipe the right or left side of my screen and pick the apps I chose.. so much to do from nova launcher to having different home screens and changing wallpapers. I phone is nice for when u want to do something simple and ur more of a text and phone call person. Rather than an Internet warrior, moving watching, youtube constant, browsing the Web, emails. Etc. Then thats android. I must admit I like apple build quality. But its just not enough to do on apple. I love getting my songs free. What if Im on a train or taking a road trip and I hear a song on the radio I want to download really quickly. I cant be cause of itunes…. android I can. Very fast. There both good devices but I do alot of things so Im staying with the note 3. And using my iphone only when my note 3 battery dies. Haha good luck guys on choosing what ya want 😉

    1. King4Kingz

      @***** LOL uh no im good  

  41. Helen Rodgz

    Why does everyone think androids are cheap wtf were not talking about the $25 metro PCs shitty ones DA fuck?

  42. Khalid Hassan

    hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to focus at work tips try Megarno Fast Focus Magician(just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got cool results with it. 

  43. Denisse

    i sure wish they put a lock code for apps or even just for the messages and photos so that youd have a little more privacy when someone borrows your phone. zzz

  44. KittenWispy

    Thanks 🙂 this helps a lot !

  45. Chesca

    allergic to allergies 😀
    still contemplating whether I should update my phone to iOS8 or wait til iOS9. Haha 🙁

  46. hajduktyson

    The bitchy trolls are out in force! 

  47. Stephen Knight

    That moment when iPhone 6 sells over 4 million pre-order units in less than 24 hours of going on sale to the public. How are those Android flagships doin?

    Android fanboys are fucking braindead lol. Please stop talking shit 🙂

  48. Callum Howarth

    Basically Apple is trying to copy Samsung coz they dont have any ideas but if Steve jobs didnt die non of this will happen.

  49. Eliu Diaz

    I still prefer android kitkat

  50. 7Sanderw

    When coms ios 8 out for the iPhone 4

  51. Biking With Dylan

    Ios 8 is actually really shot with people who cant afford the devices with more storage on them because it takes up 6GB of room on it and they might only be left with 2GB

    1. Biking With Dylan

      Yeah same I left my phone at home the other day and came home to having Ios 8 on it, so it just did it all by itself and I was a little pissed off because I thought all my things were going to be gone but it was all good everything was still there and now it is all good, Ios 8 isn;t as bad as everyone said it was.

    2. Daryn Herman

      Mine took 800 mg but required 4.6 gb

  52. Ajay Singh

    well  i love iphones and i will surely buy an i6 but reading the comments of some peoples like welcome to 2012. i mean WTF! what you all want from the apple users we are not asking about opinions. i have no hate towards any os users but man some people need to grow up as it all about our choice ._.

  53. Cheerii

    Goodness, so many android people bashing on Apple. I have a question, how does this video even pertain to you? If you have an android, why are you watching an iOS update video??

    1. The Feds

      So they can be annoying pricks in the comment section.

  54. Ricardo

    The hate is real towards Apple lol why do people feel the need to bash others for having a preference

  55. Gerardo Salas

    Hey Siri is like ok glass. Pitiful

  56. Sión

    Speaks like apu from the simpsons 

  57. Myham34

    @Rubenz343 loool. Glad Im not the only one sees this

  58. OBEY Meechi

    Haha dude listens to chief keef 😂

  59. B_side 86

    I have a question if anyone can answer it I have an apple 4s I got the new update when I try to back up my phone to my computer it says disconnection but my phone is still pullged into the USB & also all my book marks turned pitch white but still work what does all this mean does that mean the software is corrupted or something please get back to me anyone

  60. Austin Zaviska

    Whoa! New wallpapers! *Goes out and buys iphone 6*

  61. Bazza62

    Ok so if i get a text from my Mum, my friend next to me can pick my phone up and reply without unlock? This is stupid

    1. Darrious

      It didnt say lock screen notifications dumbass

  62. KoRn

    Flip off android fanboys the more you yell at the iPhone user you make android look retarded just like you all

  63. Varun Dewan

    the only vibes that Im getting from watching all these ios8 videos is that iPhone users are either grandmothers or they are complete idiots!!! are u living in the fuckin 20th century???

  64. Joystick

    Do notice too that Apple copies on Android so much with their new IOS and they use their popularity to make think that they invented it! That explains how Apple is still alive now…

  65. Barrry

    With ios7 you could manualy select to make homescreen background dynamic or static, if also with ios 8 possible, then google for ios8 background pictures save them and you could still make them dynamic by this little d-tour

  66. KHLeong

    nothing impress me with this ios 8 shit (its some features that have exists in every android phone for SO MANY YEARS!) other than he has peter parker as a friend! OMG, that impressed me a lot!

  67. Fresh General Services LLC.

    Apple died with Steve jobs this is again the same shit as last year this is probably the biggest joke apple has ever released a slimmer iPhone 6 who cares how skinny the phone is, 8megalpixel camera??? Didnt we have that like 3 iPhones ago?? And 5.8gb of storage needs to be available to download a 1gb update??? Most people struggle with storage on the iPhone since no expandable memory is available so youre most likely gonna have to delete about 1000 of your songs just to be able to update, and if people werent blind by the apple name they would notice that all these new features have already been used on galaxy phones and is working just as good if not better than the iPhone

  68. SneakyGamer228

    Hey what new iPhone are u getting?

  69. Ugne Siuipyte

    Why when I updated to 8 ios all my programs started be buggy in stuff

  70. Dillon Saeger

    Lol people say android is so much better but yet I have an android and am going to get the iPhone 6 next because I do t need all of the features that android has because I have no use for them.

  71. starhit

    Apple can suck my cock!!! Updated all my devices and they ALL run horrible!!! Iphone is super slow, ring tones dont work, apps run disgustingly slow. My iPad Air is slow as well, it also crashes, and freezes constantly, Safari is fucked, the search bar drops to the bottom cant even see what Im typing. Is this how Apple makes their money, by getting us to buy new devices to accommodate their new OS???? I used to be a loyal Apple fan but ever since Tim Cook took over its gone down hill. Fuck u Apple!!!!!!

  72. Dan The Man

    Jobs focused on both innovation and rock solid software, sadly as he left us so did the above mentioned. Tim is so aggressively dedicated on generating money with point of sale risky Ipay and health app purchases coming in October. IOS8 is a perfect example on jobs absence with its laggy battery draining jittery bugs, proving that delivering and cashing in on poor Apple fanboys is priority ONE. All my techie friends re loaded IOS 7 recently in disgust.
    Miss u mr jobs.

  73. Yadiel Curcio

    I feel like a ps vs xbox war is totally unnecessary.. But yeah

    PS3-PS4 are the shit.

  74. Shan Rizvi

    I hate how android users are always saying bad things about iPhone but apple users never say anything bad about them. More android people were talking about the new iPhone 6 than apple users. Y do u care what phone somebody else wants. Because the iPhone is the number 1 selling phone every bodies jellous. I am an apple user and am happy with it, get over it!

  75. MohaganyXD

    Worst update ever since the new update it crashes every time I try to get on the app I give this a 3/10 worst update ever they said it was better than the App Store.then how much did the App Store suck
    But why I give it a 3/10 because it has pretty good features and this help bar is awesome but still bad

  76. Myham34

    iOS welcome to 2013 your devices can now do what almost every other phone has been doing for a while

  77. Sión

    A simple, clean and basic, yet really amazing operating system

    1. Brian Davies

      that does stuff all for those of us who want our phones to be more accessible. My Android phone is another computer, to me. I have full access to its file system, can drag and drop MY files wherever I choose on MY phone. I can drag and drop images from one folder to another within the Gallery. I can look at all of my PCs on my network and access all of them from my phone and transfer files in either direction, without iTunes or any other special software.

      I can change graphic equaliser settings from within the music app, keyboard settings from the keyboard, etc. iPhone users have no idea how useless iOS is if they havent had an Android phone and taken the time to explore its full potential.

    2. Sión

      @Queen Bees Sorry not much your language.
      Specifies better please

    3. JustForFun

      Agreed… U seem to be the only one not hating…

  78. StormyLines

    Nothing but great additions! 🙂

  79. Shobs Kums

    Im laughing because most of the negative comments comes from android user lol

  80. Ace Wizzy

    I love how people chirp each other about their phones.. Like if we want an iPhone we will get an iPhone. If we want an android we will buy one. Its all personal preference. Personally I could give two shits about the camera or how many gigs of ram it has? Apple products are user friendly and thats why I like iPhones

  81. Nick Ilchev

    Havent seen so many retards at one place… Why are you arguing? You like Android go get one you will have more options with what you will do but it will lag from time to time no matter what CPU they put their OS is too complicated and they havent made it very clockwise (btw dont clock ur android device ur processor wont hold a lot in most cases it will die), you like iPhone go get one you will be able to do everything faster than Android phone but you wont have as many options as on the android. (and fandroids please dont burn because I said android is slighly slower even one of your guys said it above, you will look stupid). And when it comes to cameras MP arent anything there is a Nokia with 21MP, does shit photos. In terms of camera there are a lot of factors and atm where we are at if a 5S and S5 take a photo it will be so hard for the human eye to see the difrence it will be almost impossible exept if you dont see the photo on so large display you can see the pixels that will show which one is more clean. I use both Android and Iphone I have a Nexus 4 and 5S and I like both devices playing with the system of android is amazing! But playing on a 64 bit games is better than on my nexuses 32bit I dont know if android has 64 bit but it makes a big difference. TBH htc and some other android devices have more potencial than the galaxys they suck in my opinion.

  82. M. M.M

    Should i update my ipad to IOS 8 or nah??

    1. M. M.M

      Or will there be enything that IOS 7 can do but IOS 8 cant….of so than i wont install IOS 8

  83. Ayla Akkad

    Dear android users..STOP BEING JELOUS!

  84. Trickaxe

    Congrats IOS 8 users finally have features that jailbroken users have had for years now..

  85. David P

    Apple= fast and simple
    Android= fast and complicated

  86. Nisan
  87. Luna Eclipse

    I dont want to download it and waste my gigabites on CRAP sadly all new phones,iPads,IPOD touches will be like it.

  88. Sandra Jensen

    i originally went with Samsung android at first, but i couldnt get it to hook up with any of my computers i have, so i went with apple in stead, and the first computer i hooked it up to it worked right away, and did everything i needed to with out searching on the internet for hours about what could possibly be wrong, so thats why i went with apple originally, i admit the samsung phone its self looks way nicer, but the iOS software is what ended up being what sold me, if i could have a samsung phone with iOS operating system i would do that. 

  89. TheGreatDemon LordDragneel

    fxck that the stuped ios8 update fxcked up my iphone 5s

  90. Tony Montana

    People that has no taste, hates apple product dunno why… weird people.

  91. ASAPray

    .. wow fucking retards gonna still buy this shit lol galaxy phones are getting so fucking common now.. I wonder why

  92. awais ahmed

    Android updates are more better then I Apple ibhave both and I phone and Samsung galaxy s5 and I prefer the s5 I phone is such a disappointment ……


    The iOS 8 sucks. Apple needs a quick update to this iOS 8.

  94. Team B7 Long Pazo

    iphone 6 vs 1020 ỏ 1520

  95. Bob Beckle

    The Android is for poor people.  The iPhone is for thinking people.

  96. volcomXdiamond

    Android will always be better than IOS. 

    1. volcomXdiamond

      @Daryn Herman i went from an iPhone 4 to the galaxy S3 traded that for an iPhone 5 and gave that away and bought an LG G3. i will never go back to apple. you pay the price of brand new technology that has been out for years on android devices

    2. Daryn Herman

      Have you ever owned an iOS device? I use to have an android… I hated it.

  97. Ramza

    Ill tell you why one reason why Android fans who bash Apple or vice versa are idiots. Have you ever met a guy who drives a Toyota going to a Honda forum and bashing Honda vehicles and the people who drive the car? You probably havent. But if you have, then your probably thinking WTF? What a moron… why doesnt just drive his Toyota and stop wasting his time? 
    And when I say bash I dont mean someone who says I dont like iPhone/Android because this feature and that feature is not to my liking because this is how I want my phone to be. Im talking about smart people who say things like dumb and idiots and other very constructive and mature things. Note the sarcasm.

    1. Zune

      I agree

  98. stephen flores

    He looks so high lol

  99. Liam Williams

    All of the changes were originally from android or jailbroken ios 7.

  100. Gavin Ford

    what happens when u get the message to plug  up itunes?

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